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Many of the Development Fund awards involved developing materials to bring new applications into mathematics classes or to use more mathematics in science classes; a number were developed jointly by a mathematician and a non-mathematician. At Dowling, Nassau C.C., Farmingdale, and St. Joseph's, there has been a major increase in cooperation between faculty in mathematics and the social and natural sciences. For example, at Farmingdale, students in the Math. Dept.'s introductory statistics course now go over to an engineering lab to make statistical quality control measurements on model aircraft the engineering students build. Such efforts have generally worked quite in the minds of faculty but in some social science courses there has been a serious problem (which is being worked on) caused by the very diverse mathematical capabilities of the students-- some are bored by the pace at which the mathematical models are presented, while others are overwhelmed. Three of the Development Fund awards concerned coordinating a mathematics course with a physics or computer science course.

Some Examples of Recent Projects Include:

Coordinate Syllabi In Calculus And Physics Courses And Develop Learning Modules And Lesson Plans
Yuen Chinn, Physics Department
Irina Neymotin, Mathematics Department
Develop A Set Of Problems To Present Mathematics In A Business Context
Arnold Kleinstein, School of Management
Diamando Afxentious, School of Management
Flo Gordon, Mathematics Department
Peter Harris, School of Management
Steven Hartman, School of Management
Paul Kutasovic, School of Management
Sharon Petrushka, Mathematics Department
New York Institute of Technology
Develop Mutual Examples Which Will Link Two Courses In Physics And Mathematics -- Modern Optics And Differential Equations
James Peters, Mathematics
Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
Day-to-Day Coordination in Freshman Mathematics and Physics-- Course Syllabi.
Alan Tucker, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
SUNY Stony Brook

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