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Directory of LICIL Projects On-Line

Consortium members can use the accompanying form to add or correct references to projects below.

Project Director On-Line Project
Alan Tucker
Applied Math & Statistics
SUNY-Stony Brook
Course Coordination: Calculus and Physics Problems
Tony Philips
SUNY-Stony Brook
Interactive Mathematical Models Developed with Java
David Hanson
SUNY-Stony Brook
Process Workshops for General Chemistry
Materials on process workshops along with text and computer-based team activities for general chemistry courses.
Glenn Richard
Center for High Pressure Research
SUNY-Stony Brook
Project Java
Award winning Java applets for educational use.
Scott Mandia
Earth and Space Sciences
Suffolk County Comm. Coll.
Earth and Space Sciences at SCC Ammerman
David Sher
Precalculus Tools
John Winn
SUNY Farmingdale
Mathematics on the Web at SUNY-Farmingdale
MathCAD Site at SUNY-Farmingdale
Ricky Glass
Nassau Community College
Epsilon-Delta Projects
On line multiple choice, single response and essay questions for Calculus I,II,III.
Joseph Malkevitch
Mathematics and Computing
York College (CUNY)
Mathematics Research Projects
23 projects designed for use by middle school, high school, and undergraduate students.
Arnold Kleinstein
School of Management
NYIT School of Management Problem Sets
A set of Business/Mathematics problems using Excel or the TI-83 calculator to be used in various courses. Each problem has three sections: math lesson, lesson on using aspect of Excel or the TI-83, and business problem with a worked out solution.
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