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New Multi-Disciplinary Courses

The most significant new courses being developed are the Mathematics of Fairness and the Digital Revolution, both under the direction of Joe Malkevitch. Malkevitch is teaching the Mathematics of Fairness course this spring at York College. Faculty at other Consortium institutions have expressed interest in teaching the Mathematics of Fairness course next year. These faculty are going to be involved in preparing exercises and additional written material for this course. Materials for both courses are expected to evolve into texts.

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Development Fund awards supported several other new course development efforts, such as "Mathematics Across the Disciplines" at Old Westbury and a quantitatively oriented survey course about the environment at C.W. Post. Stony Brook introduced a new minor in quantitative methods in the social sciences with two new courses in quantitative modeling. Several courses are being developed by PIs (without Development Fund awards) such as two new quantitative modeling courses at Dowling, one based totally around spreadsheets. Progress on new computer science/mathematics courses did not occur because a key co-PI in computer science has been unavailable this year.

Developing new courses from scratch is a daunting task. Some groups of faculty from two or more different Consortium institutions are starting to talk about combining forces to create new courses, and we anticipate these discussions will begin to bear fruit next year.

Some Examples of Recent Projects Include:

Develop a Course, Computer Mathematics Concepts, Aimed At Students Majoring In Computer Science
Elizabeth Chu, Mathematics
Josephine Freedman, Computer Science
Suffolk Community College
Develop Interdisciplinary Materials That Combine Macro And Micro Economics Courses And Precalculus And Business Calculus Courses
David Sher, Mathematics Department
Ethel Weeks, Economics Department
Nassau Community College
Develop A Module Of Problems For Remedial Mathematics That Incorporates Principles Needed For Students In Nursing Or Allied Health Sciences
Ann Desharnais, Nursing School
Douglas Brown, Mathematics Department
Nassau Community College
Develop Curriculum And Teaching Methodologies Focusing On The Language Of Mathematics To Assist ESL Students In Math Remediation
Carol Mueller, Marketing Department
Nassau Community College
Develop New Course, Advanced Economic And Business Statistics And Forecasting
Richard Torz, Economics Department
St. Joseph's College
Develop The Curriculum For Course, Statistics And Data Analysis In Earth And Environmental Science
Lillian Hess, Earth and Environmental Science Department
Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
Develop An Interdisciplinary Course For General Education That Integrates Improved Instruction Of Mathematics And Its Application Across The Disciplines
Maureen Dolan, Mathematics Department
SUNY-Old Westbury
Develop New Chemistry Course Which Will Integrate Many Practical Math Skills, Using The TI-85 Calculator
Ralph Giannotti, Chemistry Department
Frank Pelligrini, Chemistry Department
Incorporating Mathematical Thinking And Techniques With The Understanding Of Earth Science Concepts
Margaret Boorstein, Earth and Environmental Science Department
Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
Integrate A Unit On Hypothesis Testing In The Humanities/Women's Studies Course, Sexism And The Humanities
Jane-Marie Wright, Interdisciplinary Studies
Alice Goode-Elman, Mathematics Department
Suffolk Community College
New Interdisciplinary Quantitative Course Material For Introductory Sociology And Social Science Courses
William Feigelman, Sociology Department
Nassau Community College
Physical Demonstrations Of Motion Functions Using The TI-82/83 CBI Temperature Probe
Donald Gelman, Physics Department
Andrew Rockett, Mathematics Department
Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
Study Of Population Modules And How Different Species Of Plants And Animals Interact
Ann Burns, Mathematics Department
Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
Technical Physics Course For NYNEX
David Lieberman, Physics Department
Peter Maritato, Physics Department
Thomas Breeden, Physics Department
Suffolk Community College
The Use Of Process Education To Integrate Mathematics, Physics, And Problem Solving In The Pre-Tech Curriculum
Victor Bellard, Pre-Technology Department
Ray Bigliani, Physics Department
Paul Kramer, Physics Department

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