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Precalculus Reform

Precalculus reform efforts are advancing faster than was anticipated. This success is due in part to the fact that four PIs are co-authors of reformed precalculus texts that are under development or have recently appeared. At Dowling, Nassau C.C., NYIT, and Suffolk C.C., reform precalculus sections are being taught by individuals who are co-authors of reformed precalculus texts or who have external funding to develop reform precalculus materials.

Consortium publicity for precalculus reform lead three other institutions to convert wholly to reformed precalculus instruction: Farmingdale converted all its precalculus sections to a reformed text written by a team headed by Professor Gordon, who gave a faculty workshop over the summer at Farmingdale on its use; NYIT is converting all precalculus to the Gordon book next fall; and Stony Brook, which had an integrated two-semester precalculus/calculus sequence, reintroduced in spring 1997 a precalculus course, also using the Gordon text.

An Example of a Recent Project Includes:

Precalculus Through Applications
Yajun Yang, Mathematics Department
Arlene Kleinstein, Mathematics Department

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