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There has been work at St. Joseph's College and C.W. Post on new mathematics courses for pre- service elementary school teachers. The new St. Joseph's course, now being taught, uses a variety of simple mathematical models to teach critical thinking in mathematics. It requires students to access information from the Internet for class projects. While it is widely thought that all teenagers today enjoy surfing the Internet, in reality many young people, particularly young women (who form the vast majority of elementary school teachers), remain very uncomfortable about the Internet information technology. This course is breaking down this barrier and making these students more at ease using the Internet, a resource that is becoming an essential part of all classrooms.

This year, there has been no work on pre-service secondary school mathematics training. This is expected to begin next year.

A graduate seminar on collegiate mathematics education has begun at Stony Brook for doctoral students in mathematics and applied mathematics. Next year, similar seminars will be started in the physical sciences.

Some Examples of Recent Projects Include:

Connect Mathematics And Methods Courses For Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers
Elliot Bird, Mathematics
Gavrielle Levine, Curriculum & Instruction
Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
Identify Specific Internet Resources Which Will Stimulate Critical Thinking In Mathematics, Particularly For Child Study Majors
Sister Joan Ryan, Mathematics Department
Susan Worley, Mathematics Department
Mary Wassum, Mathematics Department
Sister Agnes Meagher, Mathematics Department
Debra Taylor, Mathematics Department
St. Joseph's College

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