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What the Consortium Means for Faculty

While twenty-four co-investigators from the ten Consortium institutions form the core faculty, hundreds of faculty at the participating colleges and universities will receive very tangible assistance from the Consortium.

I. Development Fund. The Consortium has a $200,000 development fund to assist individual faculty and groups of faculty in instructional reform efforts.

II. SUNY Faculty Grants (for SUNY Faculty). SUNY and the SUNY faculty union, UUP, have programs of instructional innovation grants to faculty. Proposals seeking funding from these and other programs will be strengthened by a connection with the Consortium.

III. Educational Proposals to Federal Agencies (NSF, FIPSE) and Private Foundations. A dozen Consortium personnel have extensive experience in obtaining federal and foundation funding for instructional ideas. They will critique draft proposals and otherwise assist faculty at Consortium institutions who are interested in applying for external funding for instructional innovation.

IV. Workshops and Conferences in Technological and Pedagogical Innovation. The Consortium will run several workshops and converences each year addressing topics in educational technology and new instructional techniques.

V. Helping Faculty Form Networks and Stay Informed. The Consortium is forming networks to join together faculty interested in instructional change across Long Island, based on common disciplines and on particular instructional topics. The Consortium newsletter and electronic bulletin boards will keep faculty informed about instructional activities on Long Island and across the country.

VI. Printed Materials and Educational Electronic Media. The Consortium will produce course modules, text materials, and hypertext/multimedia resources for faculty to use in their courses.

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The Long Island Consortium is sponsored by the NSF Initiative: Mathematical Sciences and Their Application Throughout the Curriculum, DUE #9555142. The original NSF proposal can be accessed by clicking here.

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