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Budget Explanation

1. Assumes 4% inflation a year, except 5% a year for travel.

2. Unless noted otherwise, all expenses are annual cost for first year of project.

I. Stony Brook Expenses

A. Senior Personnel

  1. Co-Project Directors, acad. year released time and summer salaries as per budget: $48,000
  2. Stony Brook Co-PIs William Dawes, David Ferguson, David Hanson, Peter Henderson, Anthony Phillips, and Anne Preston: 1 summer month at $7000 each ( 1/9 of average salary of $63,000): 6 x $7000 = $42,000

Other Personnel

  1. Project administrator� $35,000
  2. Project staff support: 1/2 secretary $10,000 (1/2 of $20,000) and student helper $2400 (10 hours a week for 40 weeks at $6/hr)
  3. Graduate Student from social sciences trained in assessment to help in evaluation $10,000

G. Other Direct Costs

Miscellaneous $10,000 � Mail (primary cost- distribution of newsletters and curricular materials) $4000; Xeroxing $1000; Telephone $3000 ($1000 message unit and long-distance calls of co-project directors; $1000 each for administrator and secretary- $30 base rental charge, $53 off-campus call charges per month).

Stony Brook Total Costs (excluding fringe): $148,600

II. Non-Stony Brook Expenses

A. Senior Personnel 20 Local Project Directors at Consortium Campuses: each paid $7500 in summer salary over one to one and a half months� 18 x $7500 = $135,000.

F. Participant Support Costs: .

Faculty Development Program: summer stipends to faculty at Consortium institutions for the development of curricular materials. (after first year) starting at $30,000, then $45,000 and then $60,000 for last two years. Summer stipends of $2000 to $4000 each, as decided by Executive Committee. Costs will be shared with local campus faculty development funds.

G. Other Direct Costs

Subcontracts to Consortium Institutions at $13,700 each� 9 x $13,700 = $123,300.

  1. $3,000 for replacement instructors for one course a year teaching reduction for each of the two local project directors (institutions will pay for replacements for one course in other semester)� 2 x $3000 = $6000.
  2. Undergraduate student assistance 400 hr @ $6 a hour� $2400: students will help evaluate materials and assist in project support (Xeroxing, scheduling meetings, etc.)
  3. Miscellaneous Expenses (supplies, xeroxing, local mailing) � $1000.
  4. Local Indirect Cost� (approximately) $4300

Non-Stony Brook Total Costs (excluding fringe) $303,300


III. Consortium Wide Costs

G. Other Direct Costs

Consultants: Honoraria for Advisory Committee $500 x 6 $3000.

Travel: $38,750:

  1. Advisory Committee $2,500.
  2. Co-Project Directors $3000 each (travel to 2-3 professional meetings, to Washington PD meeting, to Albany and 2 other upstate New York sites).
  3. 6 co-PIs and 18 Local Project Directors- travel to one professional meeting @$800 = $19,200.
  4. Annual 2-day retreat for all 26 project personnel at $225 a person x 26 = $5850 .
  5. Travel, lodging and facilities rental for 2-day conference in Albany for project personnel $200 x 26 = $5200.

Publication Costs: $ 4000 first year, $6000 second year, $8000 following years for newsletter and Modules and Notes series.

Indirect Costs

Total Direct Costs $3,260K. Modified Indirect Costs of $785K represent an effective net rate of 24%. Based on federally negotiated procedures, (i) the mix of on-campus and off-campus activities yields a 30% IDC rate which is reduced by (ii) only $45.5K being charged on the $667K of subcontracts, and (iii) the participant support costs (faculty development program) being exempt from indirect costs.

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The Long Island Consortium is sponsored by the NSF Initiative: Mathematical Sciences and Their Application Throughout the Curriculum, DUE #9555142. The original NSF proposal can be accessed by clicking here.

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