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Appendix 1. Brief Sketches of Selected Local Project Directors

Phil Cheifetz, Professor of Mathematics at Nassau Community College, is past President of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges and headed a recent state-wide review of collegiate mathematics curriculum for the Florida Board of Regents. He is a member of the MAA's Committee on Two Year Colleges. He has given workshops on the Harvard Calculus Consortium text and is a co-author of its Instructor's Manual. He is developing a precalculus text with the Harvard Bridge Consortium. Cheifetz will coordinate Consortium efforts at two-year colleges.

Sheldon Gordon, Professor of Mathematics at Suffolk Community College, is the only two-year college member of the Harvard Calculus Consortium textbook team. He holds an adjunct appointment at Stony Brook. With his own NSF funding, he is currently directing the development of an innovative modeling-based precalculus text. Gordon has given dozens of invited talks and workshops on calculus and precalculus reform. He will lead Consortium efforts in precalculus reform and in building connections between precalculus instructors and instructors of courses in other disciplines that require precalculus.

Gene Leon, Associate Professor of Finance at SUNY-Old Westbury, has extensive experience in the banking industry, including serving as a Senior Economist for the Caribbean Development Bank and the Chief Economist for the Central Bank of Barbados. He has taught in mathematics departments as well as business schools and has run management training programs in corporate finance for a Fortune 500 company. His research interests are in econometric modeling with special emphasis on financial economics.

Joseph Malkevitch, Professor of Mathematics at CUNY-York College (and a member of CUNY's doctoral faculty) was active in the CoMAP Modules Program and was the lead developer of the successful telecourse and text, For All Practical Purposes. Other CoMAP projects he has recently worked on include Geometry's Future (project director, Sloan Foundation funded), project director for an applied geometry videotape series, the HIMAP project for high schools (co-PI), HISTOMAP (project director). He has served on several MAA committees including CUPM and been involved in many curriculum projects. His research interests are in applied geometry and combinatorics. Malkevitch will be the leader of Consortium efforts to develop innovative multidisciplinary courses as described above.

Hazem Tawfik is Professor and Director of the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Center at SUNY-Farmingdale and Adjunct Professor of Material Engineering at Stony Brook. Tawfik has an innovative quality control course that he teaches at both Stony Brook and Farmingdale and which is cross-listed between Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. He has broad industrial experience in manufacturing systems, quality control, robotic image processing and computer modeling. He currently spends summers working on robotic design problems at the Army's Huntsville Space Laboratory.

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